In this guide, you will install an Akamas-in-a-box, that is a full-functional Akamas instance as a Virtual Machine (VM), running on your workstation.

What you will learn

What you will need

The minimum requirements to get Akamas running are:

Since in case of Akamas-in-a-box these requirements refer to the VM that gets created on your desktop or laptop, you only need the following:

The next section describes how to build a VM with a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 installation with just a couple of commands. The following sections describe how Akamas is installed on this VM. We recommend installing it on a fresh Ubuntu installation to avoid package conflicts.

The following picture represents the high-level architecture of how Akamas operates in this scenario. As this picture illustrates, the Akamas commands in this guide need to be executed from an Akamas shell in the VM while those related to Multipass need to be executed from a shell on your workstation (the host running the VM).


First of all, get Multipass installed following the instructions on the multipass website. Multipass is a lightweight VM manager that provides the fastest way to create an Ubuntu VM on Linux, Windows, or macOS.

Once Multipass is installed, you can create an Ubuntu 20.04 instance with the resources required by Akamas, by executing the following command:

multipass launch -c 2 -m 8G -d20G -n akamas

Once this step is complete, you can check the instance IP (please note this down as it will be useful later)

multipass list

Now you can launch a shell on this instance:

multipass shell akamas

At this point you should have a VM with Ubuntu 20.04 running.

Unless you have already an open shell on this VM, launch a shell on this instance:

multipass shell akamas

To get Akamas installed, you just need to first download the installation script:

curl -o

and then run it:

sudo bash install

Please take into account that this installation procedure may take a while as it has to first download the entire Akamas software and then boot all Akamas services. Depending on how fast is your internet connection, please plan from 30 to 60 minutes to get this step done.

Once the installation process is completed, you can verify if the installation has been successful. Please take into account that right after the installation, Akamas services are automatically started for the first time and that this may require few more minutes.

You can verify if Akamas services are up and running by executing the following command or by accessing directly the UI (see next section):

akamas status

Once Akamas services are up and running, you can access the Akamas UI.

This is where you need the IP address of your Akamas instance. You can retrieve the IP address at any time by running the following command from the host machine:

multipass list

Now you can open your browser and type this IP address to get access the Akamas login page:


At this point, you are almost done: you just need to install the Akamas license.

To install the Akamas license, you need to upload the license file which contains your license key on your Akamas instance. For example, you can leverage Multipass to transfer the license file by running the following command from the host system:

multipass transfer license.ak akamas:license.ak

Alternatively, you can put the license key into a file using your favorite text editor. Also in this case we assume the license file to be named license.ak.

Once you have the license file on your VM, you can install the license you have been provided by running the following commands from inside the Akamas shell (the path to the license file may be also specified) and finally log into Akamas using your credentials (that you received from Akamas support).

akamas install license license.ak

Congratulations, your Akamas instance is now fully installed and ready to be used!

Now that you have Akamas installed and ready to be used for creating optimization studies, it is now time for having fun with AI-driven performance optimization!

Here are a couple of recommended next steps for you:

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